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We do that here at Elevate Finances LLC through the DISCOVER, BUILD, and GROW framework. This framework will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed for a financially abundant life. In Discover, we pinpoint your starting line. The Build phase sets up money management fundamentals and habits. Then the Grow phase unleashes your full potential - through investing, maximizing income, creating a legacy.

Wherever you are now, I'll meet you there and help you create your unique path to financial independence and peace of mind.

ENVISION a life where financial management is not a burden, but a tool for empowerment.

Imagine seamlessly budgeting every dollar, not as a restriction, but as a means to achieve your financial goals.

Picture yourself consistently funding your savings, creating a financial cushion that can weather unexpected expenses without disrupting your plans.

Imagine the freedom to create cherished family experiences, knowing that you are also safeguarding your future against unforeseen events.

With financial coaching, these aspirations can become your reality. Gain the skills and knowledge to make informed financial decisions that will shape a thriving future.


Business Money Matters for

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

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Build stability in your budget for financial surprises

Master the art of managing your cash flow effectively

Understand how to interpret your financial numbers

This 4 session coaching intensive is designed to help you...

Money Intensive

This coaching container is to help you create a solid financial foundation to begin moving forward with paying off debt, creating family experiences, and planning for retirement. Join our 4-week money intensive to SEE results. 

Financial Freedom Jumpstart

1:1 Coaching


Learn how to set achievable goals and view your spending with a fresh perspective

Build savings for both emergencies and unexpected expenses, say hello to the Plan Ahead Method™️

Create a budget you love and a cash flow system that’s simple and sustainable

4-Month Coaching Container

A four (4) month coaching container to help clients find purpose through dreaming and clear vision.
Getting better with money is more than just budgeting. You need to have a purpose. 

Financial Freedom

1:1 coaching


Beginning CFO

Preparing for Taxes

Cash flow management

Reviewing Numbers and Reports

Billing Strategy


Budgeting & Forecasting

Coming Soon!

An exclusive group coaching program designed to support entrepreneurs with a better understanding of business finances. Learn to be your own CFO. Join us to learn business finance fundamentals and ease the burden on your shoulders. 

Business Money Matters for


Our Clients Are Raving About Us



Newly divorced and worried about how everything was going to work out and what sacrifices she might have to make, after three sessions she is saving over $2,000 a month.

"What one client learned"


Discovering sinking funds for school fees was my financial epiphany. Learning how to proactively save for expenses that will happen anyway, has replaced my credit card dependence.

"Working with Dalene triggered a financial light bulb moment."


The Plan Ahead Method™️ for tracking bills and saving for bigger, less frequent expenses like Christmas, travel, kids hobbies, etc. has been so easy to use and has definitely helped me see more clearly where our money goes and to plan more effectively for future expenses.

"Clearer picture of current and future finances."