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A 2-hour session designed to give you a clear understanding of your current financial position and provide you a step-by-step plan (your roadmap) to guide you toward your desired financial goals.

Financial Foundation Intensive

build your wealth blueprint in one day

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  • If you have been struggling to take control of your financial situation and get debt paid off
  • If you’re concerned about retirement savings and want to create a plan to close the gap
  • If you have just been (or are going through) a major life transition, such as divorce, and trying to navigate a new financial situation

This coaching intensive is for YOU!

You know you need to make a change in your financial situation, but the idea of getting started feels overwhelming. 

Numbers are not your strong suit, and navigating spreadsheets can be intimidating. 

Even after entering all the numbers, the big picture remains unclear, leaving you unsure of the next steps to take. 

You're ready for change!

Imagine fully understanding your financial picture and holding a blueprint outlining the next steps to move you forward to reaching your goals. 

This blueprint will provide a clear plan to pay down your debt, increase your savings for financial stability and close the retirement gap, and other specific steps directly related to your desired goals. 

What To Expect

Clarity is the main goal of this intensive. I can help you gain further understanding of your financial situation following my framework below:

We’ll review your income, bills, spending, and debt together and I will help you gain the clarity you need to better understand your current financial situation. 

We'll identify opportunities for increased savings, bridge financial gaps, and explore debt repayment strategies.

We’ll create a budget plan that supports who you are with money and how to implement specific actionable steps to help you move forward on your financial journey.

- Client AQ

"Dalene has helped me to view our finances in a totally different way that supports having a "budget" and stewarding our money better without so much loose spending while not actually having to have a strict budget and track all expenses."

- Client JRK

"Working with Dalene was a game-changer for my financial journey. I knew I was doing okay, but had no system to manage my money. Dalene showed me the power of laying out my numbers and tracking them."

- Client LC

"My perspective on budgeting changed! Before working with Dalene, I saw it as a chore and restrictive. After, I realized that budgeting for things that bring me joy is just as important as budgeting for bills and savings. Dalene taught me the value of intentional spending and how it can enhance my overall well-being."

- Client BC

"So glad I did my work up with you!! I went from paycheck-to-paycheck and making minimum payments on my credit cards to paying off $5k of debt and saving $2500 in 3 months! It makes me happy to open my spreadsheet and see my progress! And it’s definitely helped me curb my non-essential junk spending."


What They're Saying:

Investment: $349

Payment Flexibility

  • 2-hour personalized coaching session structured and focused for you to receive personalized guidance, answers, and actionable strategies to address your financial challenges.
  • Personalized financial roadmap with actionable steps and graphs used during the session to help you implement the money strategies moving forward.
  • Follow-up call to reinforce the insights gained during the coaching session and address any questions or concerns, or new challenges that you are facing.

What Do You Get In The Intensive?

Take the First Step TODAY!

Don’t let another day go by feeling stressed and overwhelmed about your finances. 

I would love to support you as you take that first step. If you’re ready to take that step or maybe even have just a few more questions, be sure to book a call. I can help alleviate your fears and help you get excited about the changes ahead. 

I understand it's scary, and you might feel embarrassed. I'm not focused on your past—I'm dedicated to helping you achieve the financial future you want. I'm ready to support you and find a way to make your financial situation the best it's ever been.

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